Monday, April 8, 2013

Terrain: Necromunda Walkways pt5

Now these pieces were starting to come together.  All the junk piles and miscellaneous crap made them look busier and would also really influence the amount of cover provided from various angles.  I used various types of flock and foliage in certain places (tried to keep the foliage to a minimum) which was especially helpful in hiding the pennies used to weigh down the pieces.  This had the added benefit of avoiding the "clean" look.  Even though there was a bunch of junk around, if there wasn't any dirt or rubble it might still seem a bit too put together.  Here's another one of the small "gangways" which have steps that will allow gangers to get up the walkways from the ground floor.
right side
left side

I also decided to put a bit of blood splatter on each piece, some places it was obvious (like on this one, the serrated edge of that giant gear doesn't look very nice!) and on others I used it where the piece was starting to look a little plain.  Basically painted some red down and gave it some washes with red and brown inks, and then used some water effects to give it a glistening effect.


Axtklinge said...

Those look really cool.
Did you made all those walkways from one single set, or did you bought more than one?

Tristan M said...

I ended up buying a second set.

LuckGod said...

These look amazing, I really like the cloth and random junk, really makes them look realistic.

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