Saturday, April 6, 2013

Terrain: Necromunda Walkways pt3

I used one of the shorter set of structure bits to make a long and low walkway for this piece.  Once I had all the pieces assembled, my next step was to spray them all with the army painter metallic paint.  After that I used a mixture of the soft tone and strong tone inks - also from army painter to wash over all the pieces.  Some pieces got just soft tone, some got just strong and some got a mix.
left side
right side
This was the piece where I tried using a cut up longer railing and I ended up having to rip it off and use one of the actual laser cut smaller railings because it would have interfered with the connectors.  The balance of this piece also (along with the last piece) convinced me I needed some sort of weight along the bottom to make sure any heavy models wouldn't tip it over, so there are some pennies glued in inconspicuous areas.

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