Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Challenge of Q'ermitt 2013, result = 6th of 12

FYI - Once posted I am going to be updating the date back in time so this fits along better in terms of when the tournament actually happened.  Just a disclaimer in case it ends up being confusing.  This is the NAF forum thread about the tournament - there is a link to the pitch rules somewhere in there.

A quick recap since it was so long ago and I just needed to make sure I posted up something.  A quick pic of each game, I will try to add something funny about each and some notes about my roster, skill upgrades and luck below.

2-1 win vs. Leathan (Wood Elves) on skaven sewer pitch
the sewer water flows in random directions and can carry the ball
1-1 tie vs. Colin (Nurgle) on graveyard pitch
the gravestones were really annoyingly placed in this game
1-0 win vs. Gord (Dark Elves) on boat pitch
fortunately the boat didn't cause as many problems as usual
1-2 loss vs. Joe (Wood Elves) on dwarf pitch
I don't think unpainted teams should be allowed to win tournaments
1-2 loss vs. Dave(Dwarves) on desert pitch
so many knock downs and so little actual damage

  1. I had decided since it was league style that putting AG4 on a ghoul might be a bit foolish, since they are the only piece without regen on the team.  I ended up giving it to a wight with dodge as well.  In hindsight this was a mistake - playing a cagey grind game that particular wight wasn't on the end of blocks every turn, and it meant I didn't have him available to blitz with as readily.  Next time I think I would just give AG4 to 2 ghouls.
  2. I also chose not to give my mummies any skills, hoping their mighty blow would earn them some CAS and with some fortune (doubles) get block cheaply.  Unfortunately they really didn't hurt anyone even facing several elf teams, but in general my luck was also poor in terms of casualties, I just hardly caused any all tournament - still on the fence about this one.
  3. All this allowed me to take the chainsaw secret weapon star player - who combined for a miserably embarrassing amount of stuns/KOs and CAS all weekend (IIRC something like 4) :-(

In the end, I finished pretty well (top half) and only lost to the eventual first and second place winners - so if some of my gambles had paid off a bit better, who knows what could have happened.

Sidenote - it was pretty funny to see Dave (2nd place) also win Most Casualties when Chris E. had brought a dwarf list with the sole intention of winning most casualties - I think he lost by 2 or 3.

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