Friday, April 5, 2013

Terrain: Necromunda Walkways pt2

Here is another piece of the necromunda walkway scenery I have been working on this year.  I bought a couple sets of Micro Art Studio "catwalk set" made of laser cut HDF - funny name - makes me think of this.  I think it may have been more flexible if I left all the stairs separate and space to attach them, but at the same time it would also make setup take a lot longer and there would be the possibility of damage occurring while putting the table together.  So for the most part I assembled each piece with one set of stairs attached.
right side
left side
back left
Assembly was pretty quick and easy.  White glue was all that was really required.  You do need to be a bit careful, as I did break one piece just from pressing down too hard on it to try and pop it into place, but overall they went together really well.  The one thing I will mention about assembling them is I tried cutting up the long railings to use as short railings that would look a bit different, but you need to pay attention to where you will be connecting them.  They came with special connectors as well which are handy to string a bunch together temporarily.


Axtklinge said...

Another nice one. Those Micro Art kits look really nice and detailed!
How wide is the 'cat walk'?
Can you fit two regular minis (25mm base) side by side, after all is assembled?

Something I though of the last time I've build Necromunda terrain, and you might want to give it a try: put together a few 'Danger', 'Warning', 'Whatever' signs. Scale them down, print, and use as you see fit.
It makes a HUGE difference!
It doesn't really matter if the printing is low quality, since you might want to 'dirty' them even more afterwards.
Easy, cheap and it really adds looks (and scale) to the scenario.
If you need a hand drop me an email.

Tristan M said...

Hey buddy, I hear you about those signs, I have some terrain with that already. Not sure it fits well on these pieces but I will be in touch once I move onto some bigger pieces :)

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