Friday, December 27, 2013

Even more WHQ monsters

As previously mentioned - I was unsure of my ability to get through a batch of 6 terminators over the christmas holidays, so I had pulled out a few more WHQ monsters to try desperately to reach that painting points goal for 2013.  Up now is the spiders..  +4 PP
no flash
Quickly the recipe was;

  • prime them with a necrotic flesh army painter spray
  • paint a triangular blend from yellow to reddish on the middle of their body round to the end of the bulb
  • paint one segment of the legs red
  • paint the pincers/mouth silver
  • drybrush black all over
  • 2x army painted strong tone on the legs
  • paint eyes silver, then lime green

I actually prefer the shot with the flash, it kind of gives the impression of a light being shined on them, and it's definitely easier to see their details.  Also I am looking forward to taking better pictures next year - my parents and brother got us an amazing new camera for christmas with the new baby (including a tripod) and I got myself and my dad a small portable lightbox (FOLDIO on kickstarter - I recommend you check it out, it is an amazing deal!)

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