Thursday, December 19, 2013

old school talisman

Last night we had a friend over who has recently moved to Denmark for work.  Even though neither he or the wife are really into wargaming or anything he's always up to play a board or card based game (usually it's Citadels) but I have recently introduced my wife to Talisman (I only have the older card based very unbalanced edition) so we pulled it out for a game.
pretty early in the game
I figured I would post this up due to all the WHQ talk and since I pulled out some figures to use instead of the stand-up cards.  I was the Priest and so used my Warrior Priest figure. My wife was the Elf (she didn't like the blue on my Elf Champion so used the Wardancer instead).  Our friend was the Prophetess - I ended up pulling out a dark elf sorceress from my dark elf blood bowl team for his figure (no pic in the link, but a decent pic below).
epic final battle
In the end, our friend destroyed me with the command spell, but couldn't kill off my wife before she made it up to the crown of command square.  I'm not positive of the rules but the game had been going for a while so they just battled it out, with our friend winning the final battle when they each had 1 life left - epic!


Axtklinge said...

Wow, Talisman! I haven't played that for a long time...
I have the 4th Ed. one, and while I really love the quality of all the components (and even the artwork), there's something about those 'old' artworks that are absolutely fantastic.
(Big fan of both "Realm of Chaos" books here!)
Cool post buddy!

Tristan M said...

I do really love the old board and cards - though some of the artwork is a bit ugly (the ape comes to mind) but I really hate the chits to mark St, Ws, Life and gold. I am thinking of buying a few extra d20s in the appropriate colours and building a little box to hold the character card and the dice so they don't roll around.

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