Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More WHQ monsters...

A few more quick PP before the end of the year. As mentioned in my previous post I had assembled these plastic bat miniatures using some old flying base stands and more bases made of washers for my WHQ baddies collection. I definitely don't want any of the monsters to look any better than the characters so for that reason these guys were done with stains/washes mostly similar to the minotaur I just finished.
4 down, 8 to go (and find!)
Really like that I decided to use the clear flying base posts instead of the plain plastic ones that come on their base - it really adds a lot to these figures IMO.

At the same time I got the last 2 goblin spearmen painted up cheaply and based.  My plan is to use a bit of watered down wood stain on them plus the night goblin archers to act as a cheap "dip" and provide some depth to their paint jobs. Quick and easy.

I've pulled out 4 plastic spiders and if I get a chance I will attempt to get them painted with stains/washes. I'm saving the novamarine terminators for my week off since they are a proper batch and will need some focus to accomplish.


Axtklinge said...

Totally agree on the transparent stands improvement for the bats.
Makes them look a lot less "cheap", if you know what I mean.

Out of curiosity how regularly do you play WHQ?
And do you use some sort of terrain/scenario while playing it or it is more based in "drawing" ( maps and such)?

Tristan M said...

That's exactly what I was going for - I would like the monsters to look decent so the overall experience is better.

I have actually never played WHQ, when I was younger it was heroquest and advanced heroquest (which I've found some newish blogs about recently so have started pulling that info together too).

This all came about because I had a bunch of random individual WHFB character figs and decided to paint them using colours I didn't paint much and "normal" painting styles (drybrushing, highlights and washes) instead of looking for shortcuts that look good like much of my stuff now. I figured if I got started by the time I got some people interested I would have a decent little collection - and they will be handy for just about any fantasy character based game. :)

Gunz Rod said...

Yeah agreed those bats look fantastic your way; I've been trying to pick up the WHQ monsters on ebay but I'm holding out for the right price hah.

Nice stuff man...

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