Friday, December 20, 2013

minis painted for others... skaven for hakomike!

Continuing the painting point train and also bringing my total for miniatures painted for others this year up to 5 is this skaven model I painted for hakomike. Most of my regular readers will recall the absolutely stunning harlequin that Mike painted for my Necromunda spire brats gang - truly one of my favourite miniatures and a totally gorgeous paint job. I knew my own contribution to him wouldn't be anything like that, but to his eternal credit Mike cares more about the thought and care than the actual results.

This has been a long slog - mostly due to my own painting and other changes in real life getting in the way, but also a lack of fur meant my plans for lots of staining/washes had to take a backseat.  Well almost 2 years later he is finally done!  I am also really happy to hear from Mike that he matches the rest of his skaven army pretty well - so job's a good 'un!
warplock engineer I think??
I originally was jazzed to use a staining method for this guys fur, but he ended up having so little of it, I don't think it has as big an impact (of looking very natural) as I'd hoped for - in the end I am more happy with his weapons' blades & the "warpstone ball" on his backpack, which was simply P3 coal black with mithril silver edging, then a purple wash and then another smaller round of edging and another layer of wash.  It gives it a nice evil looking sheen.  I need to fix up the lenses because I screwed up where the little dot of white goes, but other than that, he is finished and I will be shipping him off to Mike in the new year.


MIK said...

I love this Skaven sculpt, and two years wasn't a bad wait considering how cool the paint looks. Well, two years is a long time in minis terms, haha!

And yeah, Mike's Harlequin really was impressive!

Paul O'G said...

Speaking of minis painted for others...don't you owe us all an update on your Harly Necromunda gang? Or did I miss that while I was away perhaps?

Tristan M said...

Hey pal, I didn't do a full pic of every body - but I did throw up a recent update which included the ginger harly you painted for me, along with a couple others. Sorry that took so long mate!

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