Friday, December 13, 2013

WHQ Minotaur #2

Well here is another quick 2 PP.  A while back I picked up a box of WHQ monsters when I spotted it in an old FLGS (two headed dragon) it was both cheap and good value because the bat/spider figs are tough to find alternatives for.

I had packaged off the minotaur along with another fig to Dave at mini painting 4 free.  Unfortunately real life got in the way so after a period of time I just requested he send them back no matter what state they were in. He did mostly finish another figure but this guy just had a coat of black primer.
minotaur #2
I decided he would be easy to finish before year end, especially if I used a mostly wash/stain approach to his skin & fur.  I picked red & purple as colours to add because the other minotaur I have (came painted) has green & blue. I used a washer to make his base as with all my other WHQ monsters.  They are cheap and easy to do with some simple card to make broken up flagstones and a touch of flock.

I wasn't originally planning on it, but getting this guy finished prompted me to pull out the two remaining spear armed goblins I needed to finish to get up to the required 6 and I also started converting and painting the bats from the box.  If I keep several projects going I think I will have a better chance of hitting my year end target.


Paul O'G said...

I like the pose for a BB mino too - just slip off the axe and he is good to go for a Chaos Dwarf team or whatever

Axtklinge said...

Nice job.
Just out of curiosity, do you keep these in a shelve, or have some sort of box for them?
I'm assuming that you don't 'throw' them inside the original WHQ box after painted, of course.

One of these days you'll have to show us a pic of the whole "WHQ gang" you've painted so far .

Tristan M said...

They used to be squeezed into a display case shelf next to some necromunda stuff. I have recently added a second case though, so now they have their own shelf. I also picked up some cheap D&D card dungeon tiles which I've used on the shelf - I will get you a picture soon.

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