Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lizardman Mordheim Warband... 100% complete!!!

That's now a fully painted gang/team/warband for each of my favourite three specialist games. Finishing up the Spyrers and the Torne Bane Flaming Ears really gave me motivation to get a fully painted group done for each game.

Without further ado - the final member of my Lizardman warband - the Saurus Totem Warrior.
I took him a tiny step further than the other members - I magnetized his left arm and gave him three options (originally was going to just be two, the axe and a shield arm) until I realized one of the plastic shields I bought for my salamanders has the arm attached (the others don't) and I might as well just use it as is instead of chopping off the arm just to attach it to a different arm. So I cut up the old metal shield arm a bit, removing the shield connector and just gave it a dagger.

This way if I can only afford a sword for him, I can at least still give him a second weapon and remain WYSIWYG.

da pics!
Next up... I'm split between painting some more Space Sharks (have a "best of" list drafted up at 1,500 points - lots more painting to do, and it's what I'd like to concentrate on in terms of 40K) or getting some Wolf/Warg riders done (thus pushing my painted WHFB up to around 1,000 points) - I'm leaning towards doing the wargs as they should be dead simple to paint.

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