Sunday, October 25, 2009

STUFF... available

Just wanted to throw a couple things on here I haven't been able to get rid of elsewhere.
First is the last high elf from my very first WHFB army. It's the old hero on pegasus and I even have an extra torso to throw in (could convert an infantry model in case pegasus dies?)

Also I've thought about keeping this for a while, but can't see myself using it anytime soon. NIB Bronzino's Galloper Gun.

Finally it turns out I have two copies of RAVENOR. I would love to trade one for any other book in the Ravenor series. I also have an old wanted post, and can always use more Space Marine bits.


The AKH said...

I may be interested in that Galloper Gun sometime in the future - big fan of the Dogs of War.

Not right now as I'm lacking in hobby funds at the moment :P

Tristan said...

Adrian, right? From 2HD?
Would be willing to take stuff in trade. I'll be at 2HD for a while on friday anyways, let me know if I should bring it in.

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