Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Project.. Travel Space Hulk... entering Phase 1

I received a package from Dark Realm Miniatures yesterday. It was a couple orders of their Vampire Beasts. I'm going to use these guys as genestealers for building a set of travel space hulk (you can also find a better version in Firebase Issue 8). I had 3 stands of terminators so I'm basically full steam ahead on this now that I've found some gribblies to represent the 'stealers. They come with 20 of the mandible version and 5 of the tentacle version. The tentacle version looks a little bigger so I'm going to use that as my broodlord (a little different paint scheme to make it easy as well). I got enough to keep a spare broodlord and 3 spare 'stealers and I still have 23 mixed remaining I plan to gift to a friend who's a big space hulk fan.
I started getting them stuck to magnet sheet last night. I used superglue as well to make sure they don't come off. Been a long time since I've painted anything this small, but I figure 2 colours and a devlan mud wash will do them proud.
I also started conversions of the various terminator armaments to go with space hulk. I've gotten what's required for the two standard squads done (assault cannon, chainfist, heavy flamer, power sword, thunder hammer/storm shield) I'll get some pics up tonight, hopefully after I finish doing up a lightning claw model and the librarian.
Phase 1: models/counters assembled (essentially playable)
Phase 2: models painted
Phase 3: colour map print outs & mini rulebook/mission book (plan is to get a mini binder so I can continue to add missions)


Cawshis Clay said...

Interesting. These kind of side projects are where I feel like I always make the "leaps" in skills. Suddenly all the techniques I have don't apply, so I have to get better or fail!
I'm excited to see how this comes together. Especially into the magnetized board!

Tristan said...

My plan is to use a portable chess set I have that has magnet pieces. Just lay a piece of paper down for the board & done!

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