Sunday, October 25, 2009

Necromunda batrep

Had my buddy Mike over for a couple games of necromunda yesterday. Been itching to try out my new Konflict Terrain. The table's only about 3 ft across, so we played the length, had more scenery just nowhere to put it. Maybe next time I'll get out my gaming board (only downside is it's green) but it would give us a 4' x 4' table easily.

Table SetupI've played a recent campaign with my spyrers and they got beat up pretty badly, and got nowhere near completing their vow (10 kills). I also found some of the weapon rules really awkward. In browsing the net I came across Anthony Case's necromunda site. I like how he's simplified the weapons rules, and made different noble houses to add some variety to the gang. He also just didn't boost them all over, in most cases they are all WS3/BS3 to start. Also of particular note is the underdog rule where they don't get bonus exp for being the underdog. To get a little further with playtesting, I'm just tracking towards each vow to see how easy/hard they are.

Turn 1 - Spyrers
No shooting this turn as the Spyrers rush forwards relying mostly on long range and to hit modifiers to keep them safe.
Turn 1 - Delaque
The delaques leader group advances the furthest towards the centre of the board, the midrange group advances under cover of a building and the long range group goes on overwatch.
Turn 2 - Spyrers
Making excellent use of cover, the spyrers advance without incurring many overwatch shots, both malcadons within charge range.
Turn 2 - Delaque
The delaque leader group hustles into cover while the midrange & long range group sets overwatch.
Turn 3 - Spyrers
Spyrer shooting is ineffectual, the malcadons make fortuitous use of their web spinners to charge outside of the midrange groups overwatch fire arc. Both malcadons take a delaque ganger 'out of action'
Turn 3 - Delaque
The sneaky delaque leader orders his men to fire into hand to hand! A rain of shots does nothing except take down Ferdinand's opponent! Meanwhile the delaque shotgunner with reduced WS from and old injury manages to taken down Reginald! Ferdinand ensures the juve with two pistols is out of action and follows up into the shotgun delaques. Both gangs start bottle tests next turn.
Turn 4 - Spyrers
Norah the jakara braves a withering hail of heavy stubber rounds to charge a delaque ganger, promptly scrags him and follows up into cover. Ferdinand minces the shotgun delaques and does likewise.
Turn 4 - Delaque
The delaque leader and a juve charge Ferdinand. The juve takes Ferdinand down and the leader pats him on the back.
Turn 5 - Spyrers
With both malcadons down, there are only three surviving spyrers, Norah & Maximillian the Yeld try to get the delaque heavy caught in a crossfire. Gilbert the orrus is finally getting close enough to start shooting at the delaques.
Turn 5 - Delaque
The delaque heavy tries and fails to shoot down Maximillian with his shotgun. The rest of the delaques pour fire into the oncoming Gilbert, with the leader causing a flesh wound & pinning him with his bolt pistol.
Turn 6 - Spyrers
Maximillian continues to fire without result at the delaque heavy, while Gilbert rushes forwards to try to take on the final group of delaques.
Turn 6 - Delaques
In the delaques turn the leader and juve charge Gilbert. Gilbert takes down the juve, but even with his massive T5, the leader manages to take him OOA. Turn 7 starts and the spyrers fail their bottle test.

The game ends with the delaques winning, but having 10 guys 00A - while the spyrers lose with 3 guys OOA. Reginald nearly dies, but his serious injury re-roll results in multiple injuries as well, including impressive scars and blinded in one eye. The other spyrers recover. Two of the delaque gang are killed outright, another two are captured (we played the rescue mission, I'll get those pics up soon) and a few get fingers blown off, head wounds and old battle wounds. Four of the five spyrers get an advance as do four of the delaques. With so many injuries Mike can only send one ganger to work territories and gets a measly 15 creds.

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Mik said...

Nice game report, kudos. Looks like a fun game, and a table chock full of terrain is always a treat to see. Even though you weren't quite at four feet, you have to count going up as well, which gives you some more space. Lookin' good...

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