Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TINY TERMIES or .. travel space hulk... status update

I've got everything assembled except for converting the librarian and lightning claw terminators, and creating the blips/counters, at which point Phase 1 will be complete and I could actually play a game. Hopefully this week I can get the blips & counters done, then I need to create a mini binder to keep copies of the rules/maps in (as well as obviously paint the models) and I'd love to get some nice colour print outs of maps to use.

Took some pics of the conversions I've done so far, and the dark realm miniatures vampire beasts I'm using as the 'stealers. The termies I'm just going to touch up the colours they were already painted. Probably something very simple for the 'stealers - like dheneb stone, one other colour and a wash.

tiny termie close-ups
sgt w power sword (plastic card for sword)
sgt w thunder hammer/storm shield (plastic card for shield and file piece of sprue for hammer)

assault cannon (end of a pin)
heavy flamer (dollops of glue)
chainfist (just sliver of sprue)

and here's a pic of the vampire beasts from dark realm miniatures.
my two "broodlords" on the left (tentacle gribbly) and "stealers" on the right (mandible gribby)


jabberjabber said...

Great work! The miniature miniatures must have been fiddlesome to convert to say that least.

Dezartfox said...

I love them :)

Tristan said...

Definitely fiddlesome. Getting the power sword's and thunder hammer's shape was pretty tough.

Mik said...

I'm loving this project, I'll take two please!

Cawshis Clay said...

Very neat work! I'm impressed with the conversions!

Gamers World said...

Awesome work and a great idea. thanks for sharing!!!

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