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Saturday 40K @ Heavy Support Games

Here is the battle report I promised before my trip to Europe. Greg was kind enough to take notes and photos so the write up is mostly his. It was an excellent game and I hope the precursor to many more at Heavy Support Games.

1850 Point Battle Report: Gregory (Ultramarines) vs. Tristan (Badab War Coalition)
September 19, 2009
Seize ground (5 objectives), Pitched battle

Badab War Coalition Forces
[230] Chief Librarian Tigurius
[300] Sternguard (x9) with power fist, heavy flamer, combi-melta and rhino.
[140] Dreadnought with multi-melta and a drop pod
[170] Tactical marines (x10) with flamer and missile launcher
[170] Tactical marines (x10) with a flamer, missile launcher
[210] Tactical marines (x10) with a meltagun, heavy bolter and rhino
[100] Scouts (x5) with camo cloaks, shotguns and a combi-flamer
[150] Scouts (x5) with camo cloaks, Sergeant Telion, missile launcher and sniper rifles
[60] Land Speeder with multi-melta
[235] Assault marines (x10) with two flamers, sergeant with a lightning claw and combat shield
[85] Predator with autocannon and heavy bolter sponsons

Ultramarine Forces
[100] Librarian with Null Zone and Avenger
[460] Assault Terminators (x5) with thunder hammers and storm shields, mounted in a Land Raider Crusader with a multi-melta
[200] Assault Terminators (x5) with thunder hammers and storm shields
[215] Tactical marines (x10) with a flamer, missile launcher and sergeant with a bolter and melta bombs, mounted in a razorback
[215] Tactical marines (x10) with a flamer, missile launcher and sergeant with a bolter and melta bombs, mounted in a razorback
[70] Land speeder with multi-melta and heavy flamer
[70] Land speeder with multi-melta and heavy flamer
[85] Predator with autocannon turret and heavy bolter sponsons
[160] Predator with twin-linked lascannon turret and lascannon sponsons
[260] Land Raider Crusader with multi-melta

Tristan won the roll for deployment priority, so he forced me to deploy first. I deployed the bulk of my forces on the left side, since 4 of the 5 objectives were on that half of the table. My Land Raider Crusaders spearheaded my right flank (middle of the deployment zone) so that they could dominate the midfield. My Predators went on my flanks to have large fields of fire. The Razorbacks and Land Speeders hid behind the Land Raider Crusaders to shield them from long range fire, should Tristan seize the initiative. The librarian accompanied the gold squad of Assault Terminators. I placed both missile launcher combat squads on my left flank, with one in a ruin on top of an objective and the other in a crater next to the Predator Annihilator.
In Tristan’s centre the tactical marines were deployed as well as the sternguard and Tigurius in their transport. On his left flank his multi-melta Land Speeder was poised to neutralize my “dakka” Predator, as well as his sniper scouts. He outflanked with his shotgun scouts and held his dreadnought in reserve for a Drop Pod Assault. His assault squad and Nova Marine tactical squad were divided into combat squads.

Ultramarine Turn 1
The Ultramarine forces cautiously advanced as I calculated that I could out-shoot Tristan’s space marines and force him into midfield.

LRC gold fired at a flamer Nova Marine combat squad, killing two marines with bolters and one with a flamer. LRC silver fired at the 10-man Crimson Fist tactical squad in a ruined building and killed 2. Razorback I killed another Nova Marine from the same combat squad, reducing it to only the sergeant. Missile launcher combat squad I in the ruins by an objective fired at the Space Shark Rhino and damaged its storm bolter.
Badab War Coalition Turn 1
The drop pod landed on target in front of LRC gold and the Nova Marine dreadnought disembarked. The Space Shark Land Speeder moved down the left flank towards the Ultramarine dakka predator. Both Rhinos moved forward and laid down smoke screens. The assault marines and Crimson Fist tactical squad advanced. The solitary Nova Marine sergeant took cover within a ruined building next to an objective.

The dreadnought fired its multi-melta at LRC gold but failed to penetrate its thick armour. Nonetheless it was still a roadblock to the Land Raider Crusaders and a serious threat. Telion’s scouts and the Space Shark Land Speeder failed to damage the Ultramarine dakka predator.

Turn 1 objective count: 2 (Ultramarine) v 2 (Badab) 1 uncontested.

Ultramarine Turn 2
LRC silver threw a track while attempting to negotiate a crater and ground to a halt. The assault ramp opened and the silver Assault Terminators disembarked and prepared to smash the dreadnought in front of them. The Land Speeders darted out from behind the Land Raider Crusaders and closed in on their targets. The Predator Annihilator moved at combat speed in case the scouts arrived on that side.

LRC gold fired at the Crimson Fist tactical squad and killed one marine while its pintle-mounted multi-melta failed to hit the dreadnought. LRC silver failed to hit the dreadnought with a PotMS multi-melta shot too, but it did cut down a marine with a flamer, bolter and the sergeant from the Crimson Fist squad. Land Speeder IV exploded the Sternguard’s Rhino, two of whom were severely injured by the explosion. My dakka Predator fired at the approaching Space Shark land speeder and stunned it.

The silver Assault Terminators charged into the dreadnought and wrecked the ancient machine with no loss and then consolidated towards midfield.
Badab War Coalition Turn 2
The action began to heat up as the assault marines moved up to pounce on the silver Assault Terminators. The Space Shark Rhino raced forward again and the tactical squad disembarked next to Land Speeder IV. The other combat squad of assault marines followed closely behind the Rhino. Tigurius protected the sternguard with a force dome, but the Ultramarine librarian stopped him from casting Null Zone due to his psychic hood.

The Space Shark tactical marines shot at Land Speeder IV and it exploded spectacularly. The sniper scouts ran forward to gain a better firing position for next turn. The silver Assault Terminators took fire from the assault marines, Nova Marine combat squad, Tigurius and the sternguard, losing 4 of their number. The assault marines charged into combat, but one of them was struck down for their pains.

Turn 2 objective count: 1 Claimed / 1 Contested(Ultramarine) v 2 (Badab) 1 uncontested.

Ultramarine Turn 3
The drop pod and the immobile LRC silver blocked the forward path for LRCgold, so it instead drove to the right through a ruined building and disgorged its occupants in front of the Space Shark tactical squad. The Ultramarine dakka predator tank shocked the assault marine squad at combat speed and broke them. Razorback II advanced to hold an objective in midfield. The Razorbacks combined their fire against the Crimson Fist tactical squad and took down a marine. LRC silver split its fire between the sternguard and the Crimson Fist tactical squad, killing two sternguard and one more Crimson Fist.

The gold Assault Terminators and the librarian assaulted the tactical marines. The librarian cut down two Space Sharks, but they managed to position themselves to put 9 attacks on the librarian to pull him down. The gold Assault Terminators claimed two more Space Sharks and forced them to retreat. The other combat was inconclusive.
Badab War Coalition Turn 3
The shotgun scouts outflanked on Tristan’s right flank and aimed straight for the missile launcher combat squad holding an objective. The Space Shark tactical marines continued to retreat while the assault marines rallied and moved towards the gold Assault Terminators. The Space Shark land speeder recovered and sped forward to get revenge upon the Ultramarine dakka predator. Tigurius and the sternguard used Gate of Infinity deep strike between the gold Assault Terminators and the Ultramarine dakka predator.

Tristan’s dakka predator took aim at missile launcher combat squad II in the ruins, but they passed all of their armour saves (three were killed in previous rounds of shooting by the same predator). The Crimson Fist tactical marines fired their missile launcher at Land Speeder III, turning it into a fireball. The debris from the explosion took the last silver Assault Terminator out of action. The gold Assault Terminator squad took a lot of punishment from the fleeing Space Shark tactical marines, assault marines and sternguard, reducing them to a single Terminator. Telion’s sniper scouts failed to damage the Ultramarine dakka predator, but the Space Shark land speeder damaged its autocannon. The shotgun scouts fired at the missile launcher combat squad in the crater, but even with the use of the sergeant’s combi-flamer they fail to cause any damage.

The shotgun scouts charged into missile launcher combat squad I and tied the combat with one marine each. The assault marine combat squad charged into the lone gold Assault Terminator and tied him up in close combat.

Turn 3 objective count: 1 Claimed (Ultramarine) v 2 Claimed (Badab) – 2 uncontested

Ultramarine Turn 4
The dakka predator revved its engines and tank shocked Tigurius and the sternguard and broke them. The predator deployed its smoke screen to protect itself against the Space Shark land speeder. The tactical marines of missile launcher combat squad II gambled that they could fend off the shotgun scouts and get back to their objective before the end of the game.

LRC gold moves towards the threatening land speeder, but fails to damage it with its twin-linked assault cannon. The rest of the army moves little at this point. Razorback I punished the Crimson Fist tactical squad with 2 more casualties, while Razorback II took down an assault marine and forced the survivors to fall back. LRC silver split its fire between the Crimson Fist tactical squad and the drop pod and wiped out both.

The other tactical combat squad assaulted the shotgun scouts. The combined attacks from the Ultramarine tactical marines cut down two of the scouts for no loss. The scouts failed their morale check, but they were caught in a sweeping advance and lost another, leaving the scout sergeant alone against 6 tactical marines. In the other combat, the last gold Assault Terminator was cut down by the assault marines.
Badab War Coalition Turn 4
The Space Shark tactical squad, sternguard and Tigurius continued to retreat while the assault marine combat squad rallied. The Nova Marine tactical combat squad embarked into the Space Shark Rhino with the intention of contesting the objectives in midfield. Instead of shooting a Land Raider Crusader, the Space Shark land speeder zoomed flat out between the two LRC.

Tristan’s dakka predator moved up and shook Razorback II sitting on top of an objective (aside: there was a misunderstanding in that Tristan forgot the Razorbacks were empty when they had scoring combat squads inside). Tigurius cast machine curse on LRC gold and damaged its twin-linked assault cannon.

The combat between the lone scout sergeant and the tactical marines was a stalemate, while both assault marine combat squads attacked and stunned Razorback I and the Ultramarine dakka predator.

Turn 4 objective count: 1 Claimed/1 Contested (Ultramarine) v 2 Claimed/1Contested (Badab) – 1 uncontested

Ultramarine Turn 5
Razorback II deployed its smoke launchers while LRC silver gunned down the last Nova Marine tactical squad sergeant hiding in the ruins on top of an objective and it wrecked the Space Shark land speeder. LRC gold moved up and stunned the Space Shark Rhino.

The assault marines battering the Ultramarine dakka predator stunned the vehicle again with their krak grenades. The scout sergeant heroically bested a tactical marine and forced one of the squads to retreat dangerously close to the board edge.
Badab War Coalition Turn 5
The Nova Marine tactical squad disembarked from their stunned Rhino and moved up to Razorback I. The Space Shark tactical squad survivors rallied and tried to run to the unoccupied objective in a ruined building. Tigurius attempted to deep strike with Gate of Infinity, but he scattered badly and I placed Tigurius and the sternguard in a far corner. Sniper scouts again failed to damage the dakka predator (or anything else for that matter). Shooting from Tristan’s dakka predator against Razorback II was also ineffective, but if he was aware there was a scoring unit inside he would have tried to contest the objective with his tank.

The assault marines attacking the dakka predator succeeded spectacularly and exploded the vehicle. The other assault marine combat squad wrecked Razorback I and pinned the survivors. Against the odds, the scout sergeant fought on against two tactical marines.

Turn 5 objective count: 1 Claimed/1 Contested (Ultramarine) v 1 Claimed/1 Contested (Badab) – 2 uncontested

Ultramarine Turn 6
The survivors of missile launcher combat squad I retreated off the table due to the proximity of the scout sergeant that wouldn’t die. LRC gold tank shocked through an assault marine combat squad to contest an objective held by Telion’s sniper scouts.

LRC gold and silver fired at the Space Shark tactical squad in hopes of wiping them out and took out 4 of them, but that was not enough.

The scout sergeant that wouldn’t die continued to live up to his name, but he didn’t kill any tactical marines either.
Badab War Coalition Turn 6
The Space Shark tactical squad secured the objective in a ruined building, while the assault marines took on the Ultramarine tactical combat squad in the crater. The Nova Marine tactical squad shot them and two became casualties. Tristan’s dakka predator shook Razorback II again, but it remained firmly in control of an objective.

The assault marines charged the tactical marines and took down one, but failed to dislodge them. The combat in the corner continued without conclusion.

Turn 6 objective count: 1 Claimed/2 Contested (Ultramarine) v 1 Claimed/2 Contested (Badab) – 1 uncontested

Tie: 1 objective vs. 1 objective

Gregory’s Post-Game Thoughts
This was another good game that taught me a few important lessons, such as the power of a dakka predator against power armoured infantry and the weakness of tactical marines in close combat. Most importantly, power armoured librarians that aren’t in a Land Raider Crusader are as good as dead. The game could have gone differently if my Land Raider Crusaders weren’t boxed in at the beginning of the game or if he had neutralized at least one with his dreadnought. My lascannon predator was deployed badly and it caused very little damage. This game also reinforced the vulnerability of Assault Terminators against massed attacks, as they become relatively ineffective once reduced to one or two models. The game also could have gone very differently if I was clearer about having scoring units inside my Razorbacks. The game was fun and Tristan was a great sportsman whom I would like to play against in the future.

Tristan’s Post-Game Thoughts
This was an excellent close fought game and cheers to Greg for being a fun & worthy opponent. I think we both we trying for the same thing, focus our forces on the area of the board with several objectives. There was heroic deeds and ignoble shame a plenty to go around. Greg’s inability to ever hit with a multi-melta, my fortuitous deep-striking, Greg’s enviable shooting (versus infantry) + my failing armour saves, my nigh invulnerable Scout sergeant all made for a highly exciting game. Unfortunately for me I forgot he had a scoring combat squad in each of his razorbacks, but no fault of Greg’s (where else would they have been?) and to be honest I thought I should have gotten more out of that game, but Greg was quite canny with his shooting and movement, either contesting or removing my small units of models from claiming objectives in the final turns of the game. I think my deployment was fairly sound, except perhaps I should have kept some of the tactical marines further back and used them to reinforce gaps, and possibly should have kept my assault squad in a single unit. Failing to contest his claimed objective on either my fifth or sixth turn was a big mistake on my part, especially with being the first time I managed to secure going second in an objective scenario – but hopefully will just teach me to pay more attention next time. I really enjoyed this match up and hope it’s the first of many at Heavy Support Games.

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