Saturday, October 31, 2009

Necromunda batrep 2

About to have my buddy Mike over for some more Necromunda action so I figured I better get the pics posted from our second game last weekend.

The second game was a rescue mission since I had captured two members of his gang. I setup my lone Malcadon on the top of the highest piece of terrain guarding the two captives. With fortunate ease the delaques managed to swarm the landing, two freeing the captives and two engaging Reginald. The captives flee as Spyrer reinforcements arrive, but the Delaque team bottles. A new delaque is captured (lol!)

Delaque heavies deploying low
Starting position of captured gangers and MalcadonDelaques advance
Delaques charge the guarding Malcadon
Delaques fleeing from retrieving their captured buddies
Spyrer reinforcements arrive

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