Saturday, October 31, 2009

Necromunda batrep 3

Here's the pics from my first game with Mike this afternoon. He decided upon reflection he really needed to try and rescue the ganger I captured (both because he needed gangers and to not give me a free kill towards a vow). I was fortunate for my # of defenders roll and got 4 Spyrers to defend. I left the Maximillian the yeld off as reinforcements since he has the most experience.

On a side note, being a nice guy - Mike has gifted me a couple jakara and a couple pairs of yeld wings. I'm already converting the duplicate model to be a yeld with a laspistol in place of her sword and a pair of the wings. Thanks Mike!!!

I basically setup with all my spyrers below the trussed up captive. We forgot to try the treacherous conditions table again until the second game (will post later).

Spyrer deploymentDelaques providing covering fire
Delaques sneaking up
Spyrers are fortunate with randomized movement. We forgot to randomize facing.
Delaque with head wound stands around doing nothing for a turn.
The delaques advance, 2 using hip shooting

Delaques charge Reginald. The first guy ties on combat score, the second gets 5 hits, of which 4 wound. "Save that!" says Mike...
Reginald takes one down - one to go.
Ferdinand goes to hide by captive, Norah & Gilbert each mince a Delaque (including the leader), the Delaques bottle. The captive is killed so I'm back up to 3 kills by game 3.
The Spyrers have been getting excellent boosts, though I think next time I start a Spyrer gang, Mike will have a better handle on how to deal with them. I think one more afternoon of gaming will have given plenty of play-testing of Anthony Case's Spyrer rules and then we might restart with new gangs. I'll probably try out my Escher while I get a couple more Spyrer's painted (to them test out a different house or two) while Mike is planning to try Anthony's new house weapon rules. Hopefully we can get another person or two to start playing with us on a semi-frequent basis.


Admiral Drax said...

Wow - I've not read a Necromunda batrep before.

Mind you, I've never played it, either, sadly.

Where on earth is that scenery from?

Tristan said...

I assume you mean the cardboard with plastic bulkheads - they're from the necromunda box set. If you mean the really rusted terrain it's from Konflict.

Akozz said...

wow, im really impresed by your terrain. Im trying to get this terrain set from old necromunda box for several months. And my necromunda gnags collection is slowly growing :) I think it is one of the best game GW ever created. Love the atmosphere

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