Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week 7 prize from "Heroes of Armageddon" ... it's a DOOZY!

What a prize up for grabs this week.  This stunningly converted & painted figure has been kindly donated to the "Heroes of Armageddon" charity project by Simon Modrow - an obviously very talented individual from Germany. Check out his stunning gallery of photos.
This IMO is one of the cooler weekly prizes up for grabs - a totally unique and beautifully painted mini that would stand out in any display case or on any battlefield. Funnily enough, he's armed exactly as Mordaci Blaylock - a special character from FW IA9: Badab who I have modeled & painted for my Novamarines.
just.. wow!
As usual, I have donated $20 to the project - upping my total so far to $140. As I've mentioned in previous posts - it doesn't take much to scrounge together $20 to donate - and you could win something awesome like this or even one of the 4 crazy armies that are being built to give away!
again, wow!

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