Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Astronomi-con: bonus pics

A quick little bonus post - a couple of my buddies from the group who went to astro tried to take pics of everyone's armies.  I have a couple pics of mine and pics of most of our groups to show off
novamarines - taken by jon
Here's Mikes salamander army, particularly impressed with his display board, goes very well with the resin bases he used.  He got a lot more detail onto his army than I did.  He ended up placing 3rd overall.
Here's Jons pre-heresy emperors children. Jon ended up winning best army, and was second for both best individual model (the ironclad dreadnought) and judge's painting score.
This is Claudios space wolves army.  He went in with perfect comp and ended up winning best sportsman too!
This is Lorand's imperial fist army - we joked it would look better in black & white - LOL!
A bit of a messier picture of my Novamarines, you can see my cool custom army counters I made.
novamarines - taken by mike
Unfortunately missing pics of Joey's marines (yes we have a lot of marine players) and Darrins "pinnacle of the hobby" imperial guard. Enjoy!

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