Sunday, June 26, 2011

Landspeeder Storm + magnetized riders (TFP entry #3)

While gearing up for Astronomi-con, I needed a couple more bolter scouts to save some cash I magnetized the landspeeder storm riders. I was hoping to get a second missile launcher armed squad but ended up without enough points for the list, but I had already built him. Took some monumental effort to paint another Novamarine so soon after painting huge batches of them, but just for TFP I made it happen so I could enter this squad to the competition.
storm & riders on bases
storm left side with assault & army badge decals
storm right side
I dunno if it was the best plan but I thought of the missile launcher armed scout hiding behind a little tree - it goes pretty well with the crawling scout below.
missile launcher - close up
Also for the guy who was hanging off the side, since I magnetized his hand, I took a melta bomb and magnetized the bottom - he could now easily be a sergeant.  Aka the dancing scout.
jumping down - close up
Here are the two seated scouts.  One I put on a stump and the other on a pile of logs.  Everyone loves the guy sitting on the logs.
bolters - chillin'
So that's a total of four scouts, 3 bolters and a missile launcher.  I put some extra effort into the base for the storm since I picked up some water effects.  It actually turned out pretty well, though I'm not sure if it was adding wash or paint to the mix or the dryness of the house but it cracked a lot as it dried.
scouts on their ride, with the magnetized bases and bits
again, from the right side
I ended up fixing this sergeant up.  Being armed with a combi-weapon and a chainsword was pretty silly so I just gave him a bolt pistol in his other hand.  I think he would definitely make a useful sergeant for this squad.  But he was painted before the competition started, same the the crawling scout I just wanted you guys to see them.
older models updated
These are the two guys I used to bulk out the squad (since I didn't use the missile launcher at all) so I would ask you to base the judgement of the squad on these guys even though I think the other two are cooler.  I was originally going to build one more bolter armed guy with a cloak and then the storm riders could count as either with or without since theirs are rolled up - but I think I will probably just go back and add cloaks to these guys when I can stand to paint more Novamarines.
simple bolter guys
Hope you guys enjoyed this - they were definitely fun to model and paint.


Warflake said...

Some really awesome conversions man. Like the Marines chilling.

LMN said...

Didn't realise that you had magnetised the scouts and speeder storm. That's really good.

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