Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MASSIVE weekly prize from "Heroes of Armageddon" for week 11

This weeks prizes from "Heroes of Armageddon" are MASSIVE!  No less than SEVEN wicked prizes are up for grabs courtesy of Battleroad Games & Hobbies.  These are some seriously TOP NOTCH prizes you could win with as little as a $5 donation.
sword brethren box

As long as you aren't living under a rock I'm sure you've seen all the WIP posts going up around the blog-o-sphere.  These armies are going to be NEXT LEVEL.  If that alone wasn't worth contributing - the extra chances at all these prizes certainly is.
furioso dreadnought *2

As per usual I have donated $20 more to the cause.  I was seriously tempted to up it this week due to the awesome prizes, but...
stompa *2

The whole point of this $20 a week thing is to show how easy it is to make a meaningful contribution to a great cause like this.  If I can do this every week the project is ongoing how hard could it be to do it once, or even just once a month.
shadowsword *2

Be sure to check out Battleroad Games.  I have been investigating all the companies that have been donating towards the project just simply because those are the kind of companies I want to support.


Cannonfodder said...

you donate 20$ a week? Respect! Hope you win some. I still do grasp how this armageddon project works. Somehow O read it everywhere but could not find a single post that describes it.

Tristan M said...

Yep. If you read back through my weekly prize pimping posts you'll see many examples of how easy it is to save $20 to donate. Give up coffee for a week or skip 2-3 drinks at the bar. I'm doing it every week to show people just HOW easy it is to scrounge $20.

I have already won some cool Monty Python mini's donated by Victoria Miniatures. That doesn't stop that same "ballot" from winning anything else either.

Here is the post from the HoA blog that describes how it works. Same format as the Storm Wardens last year. Basically every $ equals 1 ballot. They will randomly pick out who wins each of the four armies this year (there was only one army last year). I assume if the same person gets pulled for two or more armies, they would get to choose which one they want. :)

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