Saturday, June 25, 2011

more Novamarine terminators (aka Entry #2 to TFP "Squad" competition)

Here is my second entry to The Fallen Princes "Squad" theme painting competition. I was very lucky that the theme this time around was squads just as I was having to paint up a bunch of guys for Astronomi-con (see final touches, recap, bonus pics) so the whole time getting ready for the tournament I knew I was going to need to post some more pics and more in depth for the TFP comp.
terminator squad 2
This now gives me a total of 11 tactical terminators for my Novamarines (hoping to add one more to get an assault cannon in there) I have assault terminators too but ended up dropping them from the tournament list.
showing off the power sword
Cyclone Missile Launchers are definitely the best heavy weapon terminators can carry right now IMO, so I wanted my 10 man squad to have two.  I added the IG Sentinel bit to one of my older terminators but this one was built with it to begin with.
Cyclone Missile Launcher close up (IG Sentinel bit)
The other key figure was the sergeant.  I was just using AoBR terminators, so to bump the squad up to 10 I had to beg an extra power fist from my buddy Mike (he placed 3rd at Astro btw).  As you all know I love magnets I decided to magnetize the arm so he could still wield a power sword and be two separate units.
power sword - right side
Before the tournament, I didn't have time to paint the power sword arm.  I just focused on getting them ready as needed, so all I painted was the power fist.  It's incredible I could even bother to paint more blue & bone, but for the squad competition I needed a sergeant and one arm didn't seem like too much effort.
power fist - sorry for crappy pic
I was debating how I was going to paint the power sword for a while until I found this two part tutorial on Dark Future Games (simple & effective power weapons - part 1 / part 2).  The only change I made was I used a different colour as the base - it's a P3 paint called coal black which has some blue tone to it.  I really like the way this sword came out.
power sword - left side
It's kinda funny how every power weapon across all my armies are painted differently. Anyways this is my entry, there is still a month left so you have time to enter yourself! I still have one more unit from my Novamarines who I will be entering and then we'll see whether I get anything else painted by then.  You can check out my first entry here.


Warflake said...

That powersword looks so EPIC!

Tristan M said...

Thanks dude! Pretty much the easiest power weapon scheme I've tried. The tutorial is basically 5 pictures. Definitely a winner.

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