Tuesday, June 7, 2011

revival nearing completion... Astro prep enters final days

As mentioned in my second Novamarines revival post, I am going to be participating in Astronomi-con this upcoming weekend.  A lot changed in terms of what I wanted included in my list and what I needed to get painted.

I ended up ditching the assault terminators - a small squad like that without a transport just seemed to be a big points sink, instead I decided to max out my tactical terminators so I built and painted another five, adding a second cyclone missile launcher and magnetizing the power fist arm on the sergeant so I could field either a single squad of 10 or two squads of 5. In my new plan for the Novamarines I will probably try to build an assault cannon heavy terminator as well just so I have all the options.

I also played around with ditching either mordaci or the dreadnought in drop pod for a second tactical squad.  I definitely liked having more power armoured bodies on the table.  First I cut the dread and then I tried swapping in a venerable dread for mordaci but in the end, having all my units be scoring is pretty scary especially when you're looking at a unit of 10 terminators with 2 terminator HQ's that counts as scoring.

I cut one of the scout squads out very early since I found assaulting out of the storm was difficult to accomplish and just went with 10 scouts in telions squad - 5 armed with bolters who I will throw into the storm if I get the first turn or I can leave them as part of telions if it needs beefing up.  Keeping them as one FoC slot helps with my comp score too.  I also tested removing the multi-melta from the landspeeder storm as a BS3 melta isn't the scariest thing in the world.

So in the end, I had a paint a lot more bodies than I had originally expected, including a couple sergeant and special weapons swaps.  I still think it was easier than trying to finish 3 rhinos, 3 dreads and 2 landspeeders.  Particularly pleased with the drop pod - to keep it simple I opened the doors and sprayed it black.  The interior and fins all got a quick metallic drybrush.  I quartered each door to keep the theme of their paint scheme strong and make it easily recognizable.  I painted the bone first, using the same dheneb stone/ogryn flesh/bleached bone combo and going beyond the edges of that quarter. Then I used green painters tape to cover up the bone portion so I could easily fill in the blue without ruining the edges.  It was extremely quick and easy.  Then I just added some Novamarines decals and touched up the spots around them.

39 painting points right there!

Here's how my list stands and is very unlikely to change.  My final swap out of the venerable dread and drop pod to put mordaci back in left me with 15 extra points and in the end I decided to throw the multi-melta back on the storm.  With the heavy bolter it really served no role other than to zoom around and pray.  At least with the MM it might make opponents second guess themselves.  If I don't have the first turn to get a scout move melta shot off I will likely reserve it to outflank.  I could have removed the storm shield from the librarian and swapped a flamer in for a melta in one tactical squad to get a second drop pod but I haven't had a chance to prime the second drop pod yet so that kind of forced my hand.
* mordaci blaylock
* librarian w force weapon/storm shield (powers: null zone/gate of infinity)
* 10 man terminators w 2x cyclone missile launcher
* 10 man tactical squad w melta/missile launcher, combi-melta
* 10 man tactical squad w melta/missile launcher, combi-melta/power fist in drop pod w locator beacon
* 10 man scout squad w 4xsniper, missile launcher,  telion, 5 bolters
land speeder storm w multi-melta

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