Thursday, June 9, 2011

Astronomi-con: final touches

Well I am nearly there.  Tonight I got out every model in the list I am taking saturday/sunday for Astronomi-con. I lined them all up and gave them all as detailed a visual inspection as I could.  I ended up with lists of little things to fix on both tactical squads, the terminators and the new scouts I converted from the land speeder storm riders with a couple simple bolter armed scouts to round out the five (I did convert a missile launcher scout from a rider but unfortunately didn't have the points to make them a seperate squad).  The only squad to stand through inspection are my original sniper/telion/missile launcher scouts who I couldn't find anything "wrong" (I'm sure they could be better but at least they were neat and without mistakes)
fall in - in line for inspection!
I probably should have taken close ups of the drop pod and the land speeder storm as they are probably the most interesting new things painted.  Unfortunately I wasn't thinking about it and it's too late now - maybe I can snatch a couple good pics at the tournament.  Here are just some different views.  Have a close look at the new figs added to the tactical squads (sergeants and meltas) I used some printed decals for their tactical designation but I think it actually looks pretty good.  I ended up using a different size of skull decal on the new batch of terminators but since the skull is actually the exact same but for size I don't think it detracts much.
from the right (check out the new sergeants w red helmets)
from the left (plus same original objectives)
Some close ups with the new tactical sergeants (used helmets so I could paint them red - they both have combi-meltas that came from Mik and they have backpacks with emblems instead of banners)
close up 1
Here you can see the terminator sergeant whose left arm I magnetized so he can be a standard trooper or a second sergeant.  You can also kinda see the magnetized storm rider scouts on their bases - all my friends like the one sitting on a pile of logs! :)
close up 2
This will probably be the last update before astro.  I hope to get the guys who I have recently painted sealed on Friday evening so they can dry overnight and be protected for the tournament.  If I have time after all the little fixes I am trying to do some extra detailing on Mordacis shoulder pad for some personal heraldry.  Oh and I used water effects for the first time trying to give the landspeeder storm a cooler looking base.

Wish me luck!


deathkorps said...

Your army looks great- may the dice gods favor you with victory!

Silar Lannanaris said...

Great looking army mate! Good luck at the tournament and be sure to take loads of photos of your army in action.

Great work.

Kiour_gr said...

Very Nice!
Well done and good Luck.

Cawshis Clay said...

Fantastic army. I love that scout up in front that looks like he's dancing. Maybe a ska? He's doing a ska, FOR THE EMPEROR!

Have fun at the tourny!

Mik said...

Impressive to say the least, good luck this weekend!

eriochrome said...

Looks good. If I ever get back to building 40K stuff, the scouts on the storm are the first in line for new conversions. The scout guy in the front might need something to be resting the foot on. Seems like a high step. Tell me how high it is and I can send you some Cities of death rubble piece to fill in that space.

Tristan said...

Thanks guys - Brad no worries, I am ok with how he looks - I imagine him just landing after jumping off the storm. Maybe when I post some better pics for The Fallen Princes competition it will be easier to see.

eriochrome said...

I see it now. I have envisioned building them hugging terrain so I could not get that style out of my head. Kinetic motion is always hard to represent in a fixed model.

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