Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Third month of weekly prizes from "Heroes of Armageddon" starts now

Wow time is really flying - into the third month of "Heroes of Armageddon" already!  If you haven't seen this week's prize post yet - here are some details.  Victoria of Victoria Miniatures (vickis minis? ;-) )has kindly donated three prizes to the charity project to raffle away this week.  Some special kilted legs, some halfling cowboys and my favourite - the spanish inquisition (all that's missing is the comfy chair!)
kilted highland guard legs ( 18 metal leg sets, most standing with some kneeling)
As usual I have donated $20 to the cause.  I've almost hit $200 now, over the past nine weeks.  All at a quite minimal donation of $20 a week.  In the next paragraph I have some examples of how you could save up $20 to donate, where you could win any of these great weekly prizes or even possibly one of the grand prizes of an entire painted army.
halfling cowboy 1
halfling cowboy 2
2 packs of smokes = $20
2 drinks at the club = $20
2 lunches @ non-fast food restaurant = $20
3 beers at the bar > $20
3 fancy coffees from starbucks > $20
3 meals @ fast food = $20
spanish inquisition ( 3 figure metal Monty Python tribute set with accessories)

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