Thursday, February 5, 2009

2HD Blood Bowl league - day 9

Another thursday night @ Two Headed Dragon. Played a single game against Matt. He managed to score in the first turn with his star gutter runner, MA 10 with the sprint skill! I had some pretty unlucky dice rolls early on (and I think my troll had 2 turns where he wasn't stupid!), however made it back scoring with a pass to a blitzer, and the highlight - fouling his #2 (the gutter runner) straight DEAD! He had an apothecary so this took two 61+ rolls. Ahh #2 - you were so hated I got a round of high fives. Nearly brought a tear to poor Matts eye. Second half he only had 9 guys to setup, and then his kick off landed in the hands of one of my black orc blockers - who promptly caught it (needing a 6!) and led a push all the way down the field (killing outright another skaven), scoring my second touchdown. By the end of the game Matt had 5 players left, most prone or stunned.

Gained me an advancement for my thrower, the black orc scorer and a lineman who had a casualty and got MVP. Gave the thrower hail mary pass (my star gobbo has diving catch - hehe), block to my black orc (duh) and I gave the lineman guard, just for something different. Also gained 50k gold, which I'm gonna save because I really think I should get another thrower since Hurt Warn'r has +1 agility and hail mary pass - he can put the ball where I need it - but he's bound to attract some negative attention.

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eriochrome said...

Blood bowl really starts rolling once you get those skills built up. I think the kick skill is really quite helpful in limiting your opponents offense.

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