Friday, February 20, 2009

Space Sharks - razorback turret.

Well the masses (all 30 of you!) have spoken, nearly 3/4 of you voted for the razorback (73%) so I've begun work on one of the turrets I had started (twin lascannons were done).

Now this has been made from a LR sponson weapon, so it's not a proper razorback turret. I don't care as I want my Space Sharks equipment to look well used and sometimes thrown together. However I'm not sure if this will help or hinder my entry to the BoLS Badab APC Edition hobby challenge, so I'm asking you to vote again (sorry!) based on the look of the turret - would you enter it as a razorback?

Here's a couple pics to show it off.

I'll update the poll now. So... what do you think?


Andy said...

The turret looks fine, the only tricky bit will be to make the base look like part of the machine rather than a base.
If you can blend the base and are happy with it go with the Razorback.
I've still not recieved my stuff yet!, time's getting short.

natsirtm said...

Good point, maybe I should score in some detail like the armour plating on marines?

IanBurns said...

Part-Razorback Turret, Part Tarantula Sentry Gun


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