Saturday, February 28, 2009

Space Sharks - more rhinozerback progress

Well I had the day off and mostly to myself so I made sure I got quite a bit done on this puppy.
Finished drybrushing the armour and have given a basecoat for most extra details (except metal, did black last and needed to let it dry) tonight I will hopefully get another coat on each (and the coat of metal) so I can look to start with decals and weathering soon.

Single storm bolter, dozer blade & hunter-killer missile.

Twin storm bolter and razorback configuration (both with searchlight).

I'm particularly pleased with the way the front 'teeth' came out, so it looks good whether the dozer blade is added or not. I need to sort out the side 'teeth' as well, and I was thinking the headlights could maybe be red to look like eyes? Comments/criticism welcome.


Andy said...

Looking good, your well ahead of me.
I really like the dozer blade and searchlight, and the lascannon turret looks good when it mounted.

natsirtm said...

Thanks Andy! I felt like a genius when I figured out to paint the dozer blade, with both painted teeth facing upwards and saw bits painted as teeth facing out. I also feel the old searchlight is much more suited to Space Sharks (with the dorsal 'fin')

sovietspace said...

Very cool mate, I really like the scheme. Great work on magnetizing the lot as well.

I always love those guys who are willing to take on some of the wackier elements of 40k (such as the Space Sharks). Although I love the grim nature of the place, its quirks are simply awesome!

natsirtm said...

Thanks dude, I think they will look very unique for a marine army, tried to tone down the wackiness with the martial theme - I hope squad markings and stuff will really tie them together even further.

RonSaikowski said...

I absolutely love the tooth design across the front. Great work.

natsirtm said...

Just figured out the side tooth design now, any consensus on the red 'eye' headlights?

40k Pirate said...

Hi there. Awesome Rhino, I love the teeth!

I am currently making a blog called '40,000 Pirates', which is dedicated to distributing printable Warhammer 40k figures for those that cannot afford the real thing (they also work well as proxies for those who want to test new armies/strategies at minimum cost).

I am writing to ask your permission to use the pictures in this blog post to make printable Rhino figures to include in my blog.

You can contact me at

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