Friday, February 27, 2009


Well it was bound to happen. Of course I have about a week to finish my rhinozerback for the BoLS challenge, but I didn't have the right green for the weapons which means a delay until I can buy one tomorrow. So being bored I pulled out the Undead Blood Bowl team I primed a couple weekends ago. I know, I know, I should be finishing my Orc extras - but I just felt like doing something different and I have been planning to experiment with painting the Undead team.

Basically wanted to try a paint scheme where there are minor colour variations, and I do plan to try my hand at dipping these guys in wood stain. So I came up with this - basically a wash over main 'dead' area with a cool colour (blue, green or purple - I've got a light and a dark of each), with a drybrush of some type of flesh (dwarf for zombies, bronzed for ghouls, elf for vampire) or bleached bone. I plan to use a very dark grey for most of the clothing, with a rusted/bronze metal colour and some orange details.

light/dark purple wash
elf flesh/bleached bone drybrush

light/dark blue wash
bleached bone/dwarf flesh drybrush

light/dark green wash
bronzed flesh/bleached bone drybrush

Any comments on the colour scheme? Hopefully using just dark grey and orange/orangish (rusted) metal colours will tie the team together - while still having some variation.


Andy said...

I know very little about Blood Bowl but these guys look interesting.
The colour schemes sound fine, so i look forward to seeing them after they are dipped.

natsirtm said...

You definitely wanna get into blood bowl. The madness knows no bounds. The rules are free online, so just build up a team - the new plastic WHFB regiments are excellent source material.

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