Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Space Sharks - rhinozerback (now for entry in BoLS Badab APC edition hobby challenge)

As promised here are some pics of my Space Sharks magnetized rhino. Not yet glued together, am ironing out the kinks in painting the interior. I want to glue it together before I drybrush the outside to try and get it looking smoother.

Please vote as to which direction I should take it for the BoLS Badab APC Edition hobby challenge.

You can kinda see the blue wash I gave the windows in this pic

Detail of interior

Two shots at rear-ish angle to show the turret magnet.

All the bits plugged in

1 comment:

natsirtm said...

Wow, 17 people voted. I had no idea I'd get that kind of response. The vote lays outstandingly in the razorbacks favour, so I guess I'd better get that turret ready!

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