Sunday, February 1, 2009

Space Sharks... Magnetized Rhino pics

OK, since I need to prime this sucker tonight/tomorrow I grabbed some pics of the magnets while it's not completely assembled. I've highlighted the various magnets and what they're for.

11 magnets used so far. For the smaller attachments I've just glued paperclips to the area.
For the sponsons/turrets and vindicator cannon I will probably use another magnet to ensure a strong enough bond.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting, I am looking at making a simpler variant of this concept, a Rhino with option for either the Rhino 'front plate' or the Vindicator front plate & cannon.

I've gone for a removable IG-style front dozer.

Can I ask why you've left yourself the option of removing the top hull?

natsirtm said...

So far my removable is the IG front dozer. It connects through the bottom magnet. The magnet in the door will be for adding the vindi cannon bits to the front. I had originally written off doing the vindicator for just the reason why you're doing your conversion that way - but in the end I decided to go for it.

The top hull is only seperate now so I can paint the inside. It will be glued down.

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