Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Some of you may have seen my post about magnetizing a rhino for my upcoming Space Sharks army.
I have made some progress on it to this point, it is primed, washed with some drybrushing/detailing on the interior.
I will take some more pics tonight to show you my progress, but how happy was I to see this post ( on BoLS today.

Great timing. Now I have some decisions to make - I have 3 razorback turrets I built from Land Raider sponsons, however they are not completely ready as I need some big washers to mount them to the magnet, and something to cover the rest of the hole in the turret rhino top (as used for preds/razorbacks/whirlwinds).

So do I put some effort into getting at least one of the turrets completed, so it can be displayed for the contest as both a rhino and a razorback? Or do I just run with the bits to make it a rhino for now? I've created a poll - cast your vote!

I should have no problems meeting the March 4th deadline. Need to get some decals printed, and resolve my method for painting the armour. Wish me luck!


Andy said...

Good luck!, i'm going to enter the BoLs contest also since it's perfect timing for me too.
I ordered Raptor doors and a heavy bolter from forgeworld last week, just waiting on them to arrive. So i have to say go Razorback, thats what i'm hoping to do.

natsirtm said...

Awesome, I've been watching your blog too, as the Raptors are another chapter I have planned in my crusade army. I have a combat squad of assault troops built (5 more to go), an older pewter veteran who will be the sergeant of a tactical squad. My plan is to follow the olive scheme for standard troops, and use the blue/yellow combo on my veterans. Best of luck to you as well!

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