Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Novamarines Fluff - historical timeline

I've taken the bits of fluff I could find, and themed my stuff around babylon due to the ties with astrology.
Here I've tried to add further details, and flesh it out a little point. Mostly point form stuff.
I hope to have something typed up to bring on Friday for the Tale of 2HD Gamers.
Just not sure which way I should go for their home worlds' sun dying. A or B - what do you think?

021.M31: Second Founding
* chapter founded and gifted the world of novalon as it's homeworld, with a sacred quest to follow the insights gained by their astrologers to combat the four monsters of myth (chaos gods - see below)

Chapter Master - Nur-Vuen
M37: The Novamarines are scattered throughout the galaxy, and have not fought together as a chapter since the early years of M37.
* purposely scattered. following the direction of librarians to effect change in key incidents.
* each battle company recruits as they travel, usually have scouts.
* time of colour scheme change. each battle company has been sent on seperate missions, and are are periodically reinforced by reserve company units. the quartered scheme represents the split of the battle companies in different directions. each mission is devoted to fighting the 4 chaos powers.
Most renowned questing Chapter Master - Hannuravi

The novalonians?/honorums?? have their own names for the chaos gods.
Qingu (mankind's blood) = Khorne (questing company: 5)
Namtar (deadly illness) = Nurgle (questing company: 4)
Zu (the winged lion - shapechanger) = Tzeetch (questing company: 3)
Resheph (plague & war - shapechanger) = Slaanesh (questing company: 2) nb. plague mistranslated meaning mutate

499.M41: Ashurtanival becomes Chief Librarian.

901-912.M41: Badab War
907.M41: Novamarines and Howling Griffons are brought into Badab war allowing the Red Scorpions and Fire Hawks to return to their duties in the galactic east.
912.M41: The Novamarines were granted salvage rights to spacecraft and a portion of booty for their part in the Badab war.

914.M41: Sometime after this date – chapter symbol changes?
Chapter Master - Sansu-divana - chapter master at the time of darkness (sacking of novalon)
Fulfillment of chaos (zu?) plan (to combat novamarines quest to influence key incidents against chaos)
causes the sun for novalon's system to
A] supernova, results in most living on novalon to perish from heat,
B] burn out unnaturally, results in arctic shift causing those without underground shelter to freeze,
followed by an attack though the world survives and is renamed honourum for those who died.
Chapter Master - Vannash - institutes symbol change

940.M41: Chapter Master - Aniravvash dies fighting Tzeench cults revolt on planet Chicano and is interred as a Dreadnought, the world is lost.

Current Chapter Master - Tivtanzi
Current Captain 3rd Company - Avra, named after Avra-Hanin, hero of the flood myth - new disaster foretold.
998.M41: Novamarines task force Septus under attack from Chaos Renegades believed to be in the employ of Huron Blackheart.
999.M41: Abaddon's Thirteenth Crusade
Sent 6 companies, largest combined action by Novamarines chapter
* All four battle companies plus two full reserve companies

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