Thursday, January 20, 2011

Raptors: Chaplain with Jump Pack

First painting point of 2011! At least I managed it in January, I started on my terminator librarian conversion for my Novamarines, but kinda stalled out.  To go along with the Raptors paint method, I used only washes on his armour.  Unfortunately I think I did one layer too many, I started on a grey undercoat and did 5 coats (black/green/black/black/black) - I think he looked better at 4 coats.  As with my counts as Shrike, I didn't do any special highlights.  I seriously think when I have a decent army of this chapter they will look great for the amount of time put in.

In this pic you can see the chapter icon decal I used on his left shoulderpad.  For his helmet I just painted on a thin layer of dheneb stone foundation paint before using various splotches of washes.  Again I think I went a little far - it looked a little better before the last couple strokes.  Still I'm not overly disappointed, he still looks pretty bad-ass and I'm sure will be a welcome addition to an assault heavy chapter.

A little bit of scenery hedge and I'm pretty much done.  I've just noticed now though that Shrike has the tubes on the back of his jump pack in bronze, and wondering if I should do the same for this character, it might break up the large black area - what do you think?

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