Tuesday, July 5, 2011

necromunda at meeplemart

This past weekend I was able to join some buddies in playing some more necromunda! We had begun a new campaign this year (way back in April) but it kinda got put on hold while we all dealt with preparations for Astronomi-con Toronto 2011.

Last week they started playing again at another FLGS in Toronto called Meeplemart (we are quite lucky here in the GTA with many gaming stores) - I unfortunately was unable to attend last week and so was determined to make it this week.  My friend Mike did write up a small post with a pic of the table setup.

I had spoken with Steve the owner previously about running necromunda there and I had heard he'd built a large table full of terrain for Infinity, which definitely suited our necromunda needs pretty well!

Unfortunately I took about three pics and then forgot!  I'm going to blame my allergies which were terrible that day.  So here's the one good pic I have showing a bit of the terrain and my Escher clustered around trying to move in on Lorand's Arbites.
early in my game vs. the arbites
During this campaign, which I am terming (including Sunday) so far I am 4-0.  While earlier games successes were perhaps a bit less driven by fortune both of Sunday's wins were very jammy!

Game 1 vs. Lorands Arbites
  • choke grenades slowed me down and stunned my gang enough for Lorand to rack up some easy casualties.
  • first couple turns went quickly as we closed with each other, I was taking bottle tests though by turn four.
  • fortunate to get an open shot with my BS5 leader's meltagun on his Arbite Sergeant, forcing him to retire due to his injuries after the game.
  • meltagun leader also dropped his cyber-mastiff, the early expense of the meltagun is already paying off in spades, my leader gained two skill levels from this game alone!
  • Lorand failed his second bottle test while I had made at least 3-4 already by that time to give me a lucky win!
Game 2 vs. Darrins Orks (counts as Goliaths)
  • Darrin selected hit & run for this scenario.  I ended up with 5 gang members to start and he got 6.
  • my deployment definitely left something to be desired, first turn he took out my heavy stubber (who got a chest wound and is now T2 :-@ grrr)
  • my plasmagun heavy smoked a juve at close range before getting wasted herself (in addition to my leader) - for a ork/goliath gang Darrins shooting sure was deadly!
  • lady luck smiled on my first round of reinforcements though and they arrived on the table edge very close to two of Darrins gang, scragging them both (one by shooting and one in close combat)
  • lady luck waved as well with my leader jumping up reducing her wound to a flesh wound!
  • Darrin chose to bottle at that point as taking my leader out was his objective and he only had 2 models left and I would continue to get reinforcements.
Looking forward to more games at Meeplemart on the excellent terrain.  I will try to get better pictures next time.

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Mik said...

Nice to see some Necromunda action!

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