Thursday, January 6, 2011

Crimson Fists: LRR!

Here's the model that got me started into modeling proper again.  It was pretty beat up when I first got it, and hadn't been put together too well to boot!  My Crimson Fists are kinda the "junk pile" of my marine chapters, so this Land Raider is definitely for them.  I used filler all around the top left and right edges and filed the results to fix a huge gap.  I pulled out the heavy bolter and added the assault cannons and also replaced the busted up lascannons with the flamestorm cannons - should I add some kind of plate to the side of the weapon or not?
In the little inset box you can see the multi-melta cupola I scratch built.  The weapon itself if an old RT era piece and I just pinned that to the targeter through the arm on the cupola itself.  I left the cupola closed and added a set of handles for the weapon.  I'm planning to skip the magnets for my CF vehicles but just keep the various cupola  bits seperate and pop them in and out.  I'm also hoping (fingers crossed) to borrow an airbrush to basecoat a bunch of CF stuff at once.

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