Saturday, January 8, 2011

Space Sharks: Terminators

This is something I hadn't planned on getting yet, but ended up picking up from someone mostly complete.  The trade started about something completely different, but I ended up picking up these guys and a terminator chaplain.  A squad of magnetized termies!  Having a bit of fun here with crazy weapon combinations.  I knew immediately they should be my Space Sharks terminators with Badab camo scheme and shark's tooth trophies, since I only planned to have 2 veteran squads, one in power armour and one in terminator armour.  It made sense for them to be magnetized as much of the rest of the army is.  I have 3 of the Chapterhouse Studios combi-weapon magnetic kits for the other 5 power armour veterans I have to build.

There's practically every weapon option, so many I need a bunch of blank terminator pads.  I've gone through and painted a different colour for each models arms.  Before I prime them I will use some masking liquid to cover them up.  I've found it very handy for that type of thing.  Unfortunately these guys are pretty low priority on the painting list, and will definitely have to wait until I've built the other 5 hammerheads/sternguard to paint.


Gyro said...

Nice haul you've got there. Magnetizing all of those arms had to have been tedious, count yourself lucky for not having to do it yourself!

Looking forward to seeing these painted up.

Nesbet said...

Woa! Lucky man!
I'll be looking forward to see all those magnetized options painted!

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