Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year... new priorities

To that end I have begun modeling and painting again in earnest.  Overall I did pretty poorly last year in terms of getting stuff painted.  I was well below my target (28%) and even well below my previous years result (86%).  I did do some positive things like complete my Spyrers and Pit Slave gangs, as well as a large chunk of extra models for my Orc blood bowl team.  I also painted a huge batch of wargs and bought a big dark elf army on the fantasy side.

In 2011 I want to continue attending Blood Bowl tournaments,  get some more Necromunda games in, play more Space Hulk (both standard and travel versions), start playing 40k again, give the LOTR rules a try and most importantly get a lot of stuff painted.

painted a few models towards the end of 2010, but that was spawned from being excited about painting marines and playing 40k again.  This was all sparked by deciding to get a beat up land raider into shape to be painted.  Since then I have done a lot of assembling, including the land raider, some sternguard, a deathwatch member, a devastator squad, even a scratch built thunderfire cannon!  I want to get back into 40k since that's what motivated me to get new stuff painted.  Not so sure about tournaments yet but am more interested in playing some fun stuff, hence I am drifting back to the Badab War.

I also aim to post much more often this year as posting here I found very motivating.

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