Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Space Sharks: Scratch Built TFC

Ever since the Thunderfire Cannon model came out, I knew I would never purchase it.  Small complex metal models that will break easily are not for me.  I knew it could be done, but it wasn't until Andy from Eagles View posted about his scratch built thunderfire cannon that I went and bought some volley gun bits from a bits site to have a go.  You can tell by the date on his post that this item has been sitting in the backburner for a LOOOONG time.  I built the volley gun bits and the tracks pretty quickly but the actual body was giving me problems.  A recent land raider acquisition came with lots of spare bits and I had some leftover sentinel parts so when I got some inspiration I built this.

Sorry for the crappy iphone photos, I didn't bother to show the other side as it's basically identical.  The only thing I see left to do is cover up the bare "axle" holes on the 2 rear most small wheels.  Questions for you lot are - 

Do you think it needs anything else model wise?

I was considering some ammo racks in the open space, might it be prudent to leave the space open for the techmarine to stand in so he can get a cover save?

Finally.. does anyone know if the techmarine that comes with a thunderfire cannon means you can take a squad of servitors, and if they can still be joined by him if he is operating the gun?


Sigismund said...

Three things:

1) The techmarine cannot get a cover save from the cannon. To get a cover save, both he and the cannon need to be in cover. For the purposes of being shot at, he and the cannon are the same. One hit, you roll a dice to determine if the cannon or the marine takes the hit.

2) No, servitors cannot join him

3) The model looks cool, but the the anchor point for the cannon looks a little flimsy. Its a big giant cannon, but is only attached to the carriage at one point. Maybe bulk that out a bit?

Hope that was useful!

Sigismund said...

*ONCE hit, you roll a dice...

Tristan said...

Very helpful, thank you!

sonsoftaurus said...

Maybe extra ammo and/or sensors? A slaved-in servo skull?

AbusePuppy said...

#1 is incorrect- artillery units follow the same rules for cover as any other unit, so only 50% of the models need to be in cover in order to obtain a cover save.

#2 is right, though: you don't get a Servitor unit with him. If the Cannon is destroyed he is allowed to join other units, though.

The anchor point definitely looks weak. It also feels a bit off-balance to me, with the barrels ending at the anchor point and having no loading mechanism/etc back there. I dunno, it certainly looks like an excellent start.

RonSaikowski said...

I've built one and they are fragile... and a pain in the backside.

I love your scratchbuilt one. If I were to offer a suggestion, it might be to mount the gun further back. It will fill the void between the barrels and engine.

Other than that, kudos to you for undertaking the project.

Ron, From the Warp

Tristan said...

Can't move the gun back at this point, but I will use some pieces of sprue to add support to the join (as soon as Sigismund mentioned I had a flash of inspiration). I was kind of thinking for "loading" you could imagine the cannon rotating backwards and top loaded.

Thanks for all your comments guys!

Silar Lannanaris said...

Great inspiration for a piece I wish to build in the near future. Would love to see how it looks now?

For your competition http://thefallenprinces.blogspot.com/2011/03/hello-everyone-hows-your-weekend-going.html

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