Tuesday, January 11, 2011

XTBBF game 7 + Spike! tournament matchup press release

My final match of the XTBBF season at Dueling Grounds was against the then highest ranked Drakwald Devils, I managed to hang on for the win, giving Kolja his first loss of the season as well as maintaining my undefeated record and vaulting over him to top of the standings (with an 85% win percentage).

Game 7 vs. the Drakwald Devils. (1-0 win)

Next up is the Spike! (non NAF) being run within the league.  Below are the rules as determined by Kolja (aka da Commish).  Quarterfinal matches are scheduled for tomorrow.  Even cooler is one of the local guys has written up some awesome press releases regarding the Quarterfinal matchups (here is the link to my matchup), they are really well written and better even than his press releases during the season (trust me it's worth perusing the press release section of the site - they really add some cool flavour to the league) - as top dog at the moment I'm sure everyone is gunning to take me down.  I'm putting my faith in a reasonable TV of 137 and getting some inducement $$ and regeneration to cover only having 12 players.  Wish me luck!

Spike! rules
The top 8 ranked XTBBF teams (win/loss precentage) will be entered (you need to 4 games to be ranked) and seeded for the first week. Only 1 team per coach can enter! After the quarterfinals, opponents will be randomly seeded. Coaches who miss the scheduled game have until the next scheduled game to try to get it done, otherwise they forfeit. There are no ties - teams play one extra half of sudden death overtime and then go to a shootout. The Spike final can have two halves of overtime before a shootout.

The 4 teams that lose the quarterfinals are entered into the Grubby Bowl, sponsored by the Grubby Griswald's Good Eats restaurant chain. These games are not held in the nicest venues (reserved for the Spike!) and have the worst fans, officials and league oversight. Hence, both coaches get a randomly drawn special play card for each game, in addition to any normal inducements. Each coach flips a coin - if heads the coach gets a Miscellaneous Mayhem card, if tails the coach gets a Dirty Tricks card. Naturally, the prizes for the Grubby Bowl are not as impressive as the Spike. The winning team is awarded a Grubby Bowl trophy which counts as a team reroll. However, it can only be used once per game (not half) and only adds half the normal reroll cost to the team value.

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