Thursday, January 6, 2011

Raptors: Deathwatch Marine

I built this guy somewhere in Nov/Dec last year.  I had ordered a pack of the fw raven guard upgrade pack even though it was not built for Raptors as I knew I could use the beakies w laurels for my Space Sharks and the old style backpacks for my (planned  ;-)Iron Knights.  Since my Shrike has the RG symbol on him too I figure they won't be too out of place and I can just say it's his own personal heraldry.  He does have a little mini shield on the RG shoulderpad with the same symbol as the decal I used on Shrike, which I think I will do in the camo colours and should help tie them together (to top it all the fw bolter has the same symbol.. =O )
As with all my Deathwatch marines he has a banner that attaches with a simple pin.  This guy will actually be very helpful replacing tactical squad sergeants, or beefing up sternguard squads.  To follow suit with the Raptors stuff I already have, I will be painting him using mostly washes.  Since he will be mostly black I will probably start out priming him grey.  My jump pack equipped chaplain I picked up recently will be painted in the same manner.  His chapter shoulderpad is actually going to be yellow with black detail, as all my first company units will get the non-camo Raptors scheme.

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