Monday, January 24, 2011

XTBBF Spike! quarter-final game + semi-final matchup press release

My first playoff match in the XTBBF was last Wednesday, at Dueling Grounds as usual.  The match was against the last placed team to manage to get into the playoffs.  I squeezed out a very narrow victory, scoring in turn 8 of the first half and second half nothing worked for either team.  Continuing undefeated and boosting my win percentage to 88%! An added bonus was rolling a double for my unskilled mummy giving me a ST5 player with the "Block" skill.

Quarterfinal vs. The Misty Mountain Manglerz. (1-0 win)

Next up is the semi-final match, scheduled for Wednesday this week, our league "reporter" Dave has begun writing up previews for the semi-final matchups.  You can find the press release for my matchup here.  I should have a huge amount of inducement cash (I've got a discussion going on at talkfantasyfootball forums regarding my best choices) and will likely take a couple star players if money allows over cards or wizards.

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