Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chaos Cup 2011 pt1

Windy City is BOOKED.  Last year I was fortunate enough to participate in 7 blood bowl tournaments across Ontario & Quebec.  This year I have so far attended 2; family commitments, attending Astronomi-con (same weekend as two possible blood bowl tournaments) and the cancellation of Challenge of Q'ermitt has meant I haven't been able to play as often this year.
CHAZ! Spelled Chaos. Silent O.
Therefore, due to the fact that this year seems to be the year of seperate vacations from my fiance and Porter Airlines flies from downtown Toronto to downtown Chicago, I have decided to attend the Chaos Cup 2011.  I have never been to Chicago but fortunately have a nice friend there willing to show me around a bit before the actual weekend of the tournament. I'm hopeful of getting some of everything on this trip.  A lot of gaming, a bit of partying and hopefully a bit of tourism are all in the mix.

So, onto my preparations for the tournament.  You can find the rules pack HERE.  Simply put, it's 1100TV, no ST/AG upgrades, max 1 upgrade per player, no skill allowed more than twice (as an upgrade). Thanks to my success at the Power of One tournament in Montreal last year with a super bashy Undead team, I have decided to run the Undead at pretty much every tournament I attend this year (both in an attempt to get better with them, and because I think the fluff I created for them brings me a lot of good fortune (surprisingly, actually the opposite of the fluff).  Another point to remember the Chaos Cup is a NAF MAJOR tournament, which basically means it impacts your rating twice as hard as other tournaments.  Better do well!

I think the below is about as good a "casualty focused" team I can manage, but I would definitely be interested in any comments you might have!

Mummy w Block / Mummy w Piling On
Wight w Guard / Wight w Mighty Blow
Ghoul w Block / Ghoul w Leader / Ghoul w Sure Hands / Ghoul w Wrestle
Zombie w Guard / Zombie / Zombie
1 Reroll

  • 40K saved using Leader
  • Full complement of Ghouls
  • Extra Guard player
  • Possibility of losing Leader reroll.
  • Fouling extra risky (losing a more important player) and more difficult to gain reward.
Alternatively if I downgraded a Ghoul to a Skeleton, I could take two regular rerolls and give the Skeleton Dirty Player - but I would lose the Guard on the Zombie.

Mummy w Block / Mummy w Piling On
Wight w Guard / Wight w Mighty Blow
Ghoul w Block / Ghoul w Sure Hands / Ghoul w Wrestle
Zombie / Zombie / Zombie
Skeleton w Dirty Player
2 Rerolls

  • A Dirty Player means I can attempt to ensure that prone/stunned players are removed from the field.
  • No worrying about losing the Leader reroll.
  • Spending 40K difference from the Leader reroll to a normal reroll.
  • Losing a second Guard.
  • With only three ghouls I will need to be very cautious about committing with them.  This could increase their survivability but also might mean they have less impact on the game.
I have an added bonus for being super excited about this tournament.  In speaking with my buddy at Konflikt Terrain, I have been assured that a special project he undertook for me will be ready for this trip. MUHAHAHA!!!

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eriochrome said...

You will have a great time. New baby coming next week will probably keep you away from any not local events this year. I always seem to be busy for these things and the last even local event I went to I got creamed so I do not think I am ready for a major.

Mik said...

Good luck to you, your tourney schedule and preparation as always is admirable. My two cents on your roster choices would be for the second, leader-less one...for what it's worth, you know your stuff far better than I!

Tristan said...

Brad would love your comments on my roster choices - have always valued your opinions :)

eriochrome said...

Both rosters look solid. I personally do not use fouling enough when I play but this depends a lot on the team since without cheap players and backups losing players to fouling is a dangerous game to play.

I also wonder about the Mummy with Pile On. This is brutally effective at damaging but really risky the player to fouling (but he has high armor and regen so not to bad). It also essentially takes him out of the action for probably 2 more turns as his entire movement is used standing the next turn and probably moving the following on.

Tristan said...

I find the MB/PO combo to be insanely amazing. The flexibility of having both options (reroll and +1) is superb. Check out the roster I took to Power of One. He kicked absolute ass and as long as I don't let him get completely surrounded and fouled his high AV and regen should be enough.

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