Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crusade Week: Flesh Tearers!

image used without permission - copyright "cyphercodicier2"
Day two of Crusade week and today we are looking at Flesh Tearers.  Newly near and dear to my heart now that Ric @ Ricalopia has begun to paint mine. Here are all the other blogs I follow that have some Flesh Tearers content.  Tuesday is Flesh Tearer day!

Check out the following;
If you have a Flesh Tearer army, link your label in the comments below and I will both add you to this post and start following!


deathkorps said...

Hey thanks for the listing! :) One of these days I really need to finish that Seth conversion and get the army done... Gotta finish the Krieg first though!

Tristan said...

No problem! You have always been a great inspiration!

Mihalis "Cadaver" Skalkos said...

Thanks for the listing! Keep an eye for my latest flesh Tearers model, posting it probably tomorrow! :)

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