Wednesday, July 6, 2011

unbelievably even BIGGER prizes from "Heroes of Armageddon" for week 12

WOW.  Unbelievable is right.  "Heroes of Armageddon" is steaming along and this week there are EIGHT, count 'em EIGHT prizes up for grabs. These prizes are really fantastic, there are going to be some majorly happy campers when the drawing happens for these.

As usual I have donated $20 to the charity project, bumping my total up to $240!

THREE COPIES of this  8.5"x11"matted print will be given away
I personally really enjoy art pieces from the warhammer universes.  Having proper prints are spectacular, and this would be no exception. Really nice atmospheric piece that would do well in any hobby room or man cave.  These were donated by Brother Melice @ B&C forums.  Check out his super detailed Sons of Medusa marines!

TWO BOXES of the Sanguinary Guard will be given away
Generously donated by a gentlemen named Neil Trent.  I tried to hunt down some info about him but haven't.  Can't fault someone this generous though!

THREE SETS of the THREE models below will be given away
For the final three prizes, they each consist of three components - generously donated by Blight Wheel Miniatures. The detail on their resin models looks outstanding and they definitely don't seem out of place to be a part of a 40K army.  Their other models look fantastic as well - definitely worth checking out!

really cool looking figs - perfect for Adeptus Mechanicus
also perfect for AdMech, maybe counts as sentinel or servitor?
interesting fig, maybe an objective or IG HQ.  great detail

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