Saturday, July 16, 2011

do you want free warmachine minis?

ARCHANGELS is having a little contest to boost it's followers.  I can't afford to get sucked into another game system but if you can or already have you should check it out.  It's 2 Winterguard mortars, 1 Khador Manhunter and 1 Herne and Jonne - which means nothing to me but I assume they rock.  All it takes is a comment in this post and to be a follower.
the prize
I started following to keep an eye on all his cool Dark Angels stuff (heads up Mik & SC John!) - his HQ have some crazy bases with giant crystals all over - I'd be scared to pick up the models!


Mik said...

Dark Angels? What? Huh? I'm there, thanks for the heads up!

Tristan said...

I am to please

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