Tuesday, July 19, 2011

doubling up.. final weekly prize givaway + actual "Heroes of Armageddon" armies!

We are entering the final few days of the incredible "Heroes of Armageddon" charity project. What these folks have accomplished in such a short space of time is simply unbelievable.  I fully expect they will blow the Storm Wardens result out of the water and though it's probably unlikely I would not be THAT surprised if the donation amount entered six digits.

B&C patch + custom B&C poker deck
Bolter & Chainsword has apparently been huge in terms of getting news about the project out there, it sounds like they have done an incredible job helping the HoA team with not just donations but the little things like telling your hobby crew and posting flyers in hobby stores.
mystery prize (yet to be revealed)
Some of the prizes from B&C are really cool (the Blood Angels dice - WOW).  Definitely worthy of the $20/week donation I have been sticking to so far!
blood angel chapter dice (way cooler than a design for just the 6's)
So a huge thanks should go to the guys like Kurgan who have put effort into making this charity project the best yet.  How appropriate would it be for one of their members to win the Blood Angels army (in no way insinuating this is the works - just the coincidence that it's a power armour only forum would make it quite apropos!)

Now we come to the meat & potatoes.  The driving factor behind all the donations and effort involved.  The armies themselves are pretty much the coolest thing ever.  For those going to Games Day please take plenty of photos of all the armies together on the amazing board created by Brian @ A Gentleman's Ones. There are massive combined pictures of all the armies available and each army has it's own page on the "Heroes of Armageddon" blog with more detailed photos.  I encourage all of you to check them out.  For this I am doubling up and donating an extra $20 this week to round out my donation to $300.  Good luck to everyone who enters!
steel legion

Steel Legion page

blood angels
Blood Angels page

ghazghkull's horde

Ghazghkull's Horde page

wazdakka's speedfreeks

Wazdakka's Speedfreeks page

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Tristan said...

Actually donated $50. It was an easy option and I had that amount in paypal anyways. Good luck to everyone that contributed and congrats to John & Mike over at Santa Cruz Warhammer for another hugely successful charity project!

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