Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flesh Tearers - rapid progress!

So apparently Ric paints really fast, he did say the scheme is easy but damn!  He's posted a bunch of pics of the first basic assault squad I sent over to get his users comments - so if you have any please post them over there! First pic here is his example of matching the genestealers base colours (bases are from Champ Industries) and I think they look perfect!
pic showing the bases matching my space hulk genestealers

Second pic, is the little OSL effect he put on the power fist, which I think looks pretty tight.  Also, while I added the sawblade to the bolt pistol, he prettied it up with some the brass etch details I included and I must say the bolt pistol looks really cool!
a little OSL effect for the power fist (aka glowy hand of doom!)

Final pic is a test of the hazard stripes - which look amazing, definitely appreciate the look it gives.  I've asked him to try and do a little blood splatter/gore effect on the chain weapons too so am looking forward to seeing that.
example of the hazard stripe test - me likey!

All in all this is getting me really excited about this army so I need to ramp up my construction so he has more stuff to paint.  Really looking forward to seeing what he does with the terminators from Space Hulk.  Thanks Ric!

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Ricalope said...

Glad you're liking them, hazard stripes rock (the rest of the squad is getting them too!) Eying up the terminators...the first five are on deck. (If they keep arriving, I'll keep painting them!)

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