Thursday, July 14, 2011

nearly a year and a half later (532 days to be precise)

Way back in January of 2010 I wrote about my commissioned space hulk genestealers, and mentioned receiving them back had spurred me towards completing my space hulk terminators about whom I've posted exactly twice (post 1 / post 2) and who I nearly completed all the Flesh Tearer conversions within a year (I would say they were about 95% done in post 2).  I've had to go back and edit the phrase "more on this soon" to "more on this much much later". LOL

Well I finally found a commission painter that I was comfortable with and I have mailed them to Ric @ Ricalopia for painting.  In addition to the space hulk termies, there is also a land raider crusader for them to cruise around in, a 5 man jump pack assault squad and a couple sanguinary priests (the magnetized one is a deathwatch marine)

If you have any comments about the painting or anything, please be sure to let Ric know HERE. I would also highly recommend checking out the rest of his blog.  He is a truly talented dude.  He's had the box less than a day and already sent me some pics.  It's getting me excited about possibly having a fully painted army for a relatively new codex!  Next batch I'd like to round out the assault squad, a death company squad, a storm raven, a dc dread and seth.

He's begun on the assault marines to work out the scheme.  I asked for details like eyes/power weapons to use a similar blue colour to the cables and misc bits on the dead terminators on my space hulk genestealers.

There will most definitely be lots of chain weapons for these guys, I have tried to take the time to remove any "chaos-y" looking arrows (you can kinda see where it was removed in this photo) but as long as it doesn't resemble an arrow I've not bothered (ie. as on the ends of the axe blade)

All of the standard power armour marines are going to be on these custom plastic bases from Champ Industries.  These are the "Industrial" design (they may only have two "styles" but I LOVE the fact they are injected plastic, so plastic cement is all you need to secure your plastic minis to them.

EDIT: This is also another chapter added to my list of crusade armies.  As mentioned one of the Sanguinary Priests is a deathwatch model.


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Thanks for the comment were the first to do it in MMN. ( )

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AbraxiS said...

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Also,if you want to contribute with something for the blog (it can be about anything really,charity events,batreps,scene reports,music,gummy bears) just tell me ;)


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That would be cool can re-post whatever you want.

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