Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crusade Week: Raptor Legion!

image used without permission - copyright "Forge World"

Day 4 of Crusade week brings up to the Raptor Legion. I think the "camo" scheme is what tempts most folks to plump for the Raptors, it definitely did for me! Although I plan to use their standard scheme (the blue & yellow) for my 1st company veterans!

Check out the following;
If you have a Raptors army, link your label in the comments below and I will both add you to this post and start following!


deathkorps said...

A member a forum frequent, 40K Malayasia, has started a Raptors army and is trying some cool stuff with his airbrush and digital camo ideas:

Unfortunately he's not blogging much these days, but he is posting regular progress on this forum and it's looking cool.

Tristan said...

Those are very cool - get him blogging some more!! My issue with forums is they don't have their own image hosting, so frequently once their free image hosting runs out, the thread is full of broken picture links.

Kiour_gr said...

I wrote an article about my raptors just for your Crusade week!

Tristan said...

a good read folks!

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